Arxacies (arxacies) wrote in ngondro,

Update on my Practice

Well, it has gone a lot better.

Since I posted on my practice(the one that got approved recently), I got diagnosed with asthma and because of that and my weight, my doctor asked me to stop doing prostrations(and my Teacher advised me to follow my doctor's advise). Since then I stopped my practice, unfortunately.

I have become very discouraged and have lots of doubt. I have attempted to contact my Teacher with questions(about three times since the update in late 2008) and he has been unresponsive. I am not sure if I want to complete the Practice, I am not sure if it is like one of the mortifications that the Buddha expressly forbid(or if it just feels like one when I did it). Also I don't know how necessary learning the Six Yogas of Naropa or becoming a Ngakpa are for me personally to benefit others and if I do not really want to go that route, I don't know what use Ngöndro is for me.

So I have a ridiculous amount of doubts and teacher that gave me the Ngöndro transmission is silent. I do not know what to do.
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