beckyb (beckyb) wrote in ngondro,

More prostrations

So, technically I'm done with prostrations but today I did 75. As I creakily did the last 25, I remembered my (good) idea to just keep doing 100 a day forever. It is so painful to restart these things! It's a far cry from the time when a 100 was an easy 15 minutes. Tomorrow, I won't expect my body to feel very good but it was nice to be there in the moments of flow and visualization. I'm not sure why I did them except for a desire to have physical activity reconnected to my meditation. I'm still working on completing the complete set of 12 guru yoga 100,000s. Until I'm completely done, I like the idea of including the purification of prostrations and the generosity of mandala offerings.

Has anyone else been doing prostrations lately?
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