Sam Adams (perruche_verte) wrote in ngondro,
Sam Adams

On the benefit of prostrations

Once, when a monk was prostrating to a stupa containing hair and nail clippings of the Buddha, Ananda asked the Buddha what the benefits of such an act might be. The Buddha replied: "A single prostration is so powerful that if, as a result, one were to become a universal emperor as many times as the number of grains of dust beneath one's body down to the lowest depths of the earth, the benefits of that act would still not be exhausted."

And in the sutras it says: "The unfathomable crown protuberance on the Buddha's head comes from his having respectfully prostrated before his teachers."

Prostrations will finally lead us, too, to obtain the unfathomable usnisa that crowns the heads of the perfect Buddhas.

- Patrul Rinpoche, The Words of My Perfect Teacher
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